M Series Marley Gearbox
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M Series Marley Gearbox

A Match for your Cooling Tower, regardless of manufacturer or brand

Marley M Series Geareducers are designed and manufactured to directly replace other OEM gearboxes in cooling towers for power and industrial applications. In form and function, this gear drive goes beyond the American Gear Manufacturers Association (AGMA) requirements to maximize air movement through the cooling tower and to minimize maintenance.

The Geareducer’s primary function is to reduce the speed of the electric motor to optimize fan performance.
M Series also provides primary support to the fan, anchors it against lateral movement, withstands shock loads at start-up and during speed changes, and minimizes power transmission losses and noise generation.


M Series Geareducer Features:

  • Designed to fit into non-Marley cooling towers for easy replacement
  • Gears of high strength, case hardened alloy steel machined to AGMA Quality Class 9 and above
  • Heavy duty double row interstage bearings for 100,000+ hour life
  • Large oil passageways maintain lower oil temperatures to prolong oil life
  • Two-stage (spiral bevel/helical) gear reduction for efficient power transmission
  • Shafts and keys designed to withstand motor “plugging”
  • External cooling fins maximize surface area for cooler operation
  • No need for oil pumps, oil filters, or oil coolers
  • Premium Inpro input shaft oil seal
  • ASTM Class 20 gray cast iron case handles large fan loads while minimizing sound and vibration
  • Designed to meet or exceed the requirements of CTI Standard 111 and AGMA standards